Why Choose Organic Gardening

You should consider yourself lucky if you have the space and time to grow at least some vegetables on your own because it is a unique pleasure to be able to prepare a salad, for instance, from your own vegetables. Growing vegetables on your own requires some time and effort but the benefits by far outweigh the drawbacks. You know exactly what you eat which has become highly questionable these days when it comes to food.

Most foods products that you buy daily at the grocery contain all sorts of flavour enhancers, preservatives and a variety of other artificial additives, and vegetables are no exception. Most vegetables are grown conventionally which means that they were treated with all kinds of chemicals during growth as well as during packaging in order to produce more as well as to make them look more appealing, tasty and fresh. They look delicious and may even taste delicious but they can contain residues of pesticides, preservatives and who knows what else was used in order to increase the yield, sale and profit.

Organic Garden

The above mentioned reasons are more than enough for many people who have chosen organic gardening system. Even if the food safety authorities reassure consumers that the content of pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals are being supervised and that vegetables in the groceries are safe, it is hard to believe these chemicals are really harmless. In fact, several studies have shown that exposure to these highly toxic chemicals through consumer products including food can have a devastating effect on health over time not to mention the effect they have on the environment.

Even conventional gardeners are slowly giving up the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides because they have realized that they seriously harm both their health and the environment. After all, the instructions of most chemicals that are mostly used for pest control more or less reveal everything. For example, an empty bottle of a chemical pesticide should be thrown to hazardous waste. So, how can it be all right to use its content in your garden and vegetables you intend to eat yourself and give it to your children? It simply does not make any sense.

Organic Garden

If you have read so far, you probably do not need any more reasons why choose organic gardening. Like its name suggests, it foresees the use of all organic methods which means that you will not be using any potentially hazardous chemicals. But what is even more important is the fact that you do not have to. By refusing to use any non-organic products you will not produce any less nor inferior quality vegetables. On the contrary, many people agree that organic vegetables and also organic vitamins are not only healthier and more nutritious but more delicious as well. The taste may be relative but there is no doubt that organic means healthier.

As you see, there is a good reason why people choose organic gardening but its benefits do not end here. With the rising food prices growing vegetables on your own can save you a lot of money, especially if you buy organic which is not inexpensive.